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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday the Markets & our Offices will be closed in observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday. Friday the Markets & our Offices will close at 1PM.

Client Centered

Client Centered

Founded in 1995, our business is built on a foundation of thoughtful client relationships. Focusing on 401(k), 403(b) and SIMPLE Plans we assist the business owner, human resources and plan participants navigate  the process of enrollment and retirement.

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Donation of $500 for Recycling Center

Donation of $500 for Recycling Center

Investors Choice Financial Services collected 169 eyeglasses at the Murray County Fair in Slayton, MN August 17-20, 2022, on behalf of the Hadley & Fulda Lions Clubs.   People stopped at their fair booth to donate old, even broken eyeglasses & sunglasses that they were no longer wearing. As a Thank You for the donations, the Goedtke’s made an additional donation of $500 to the Lions Club.   

Eyeglasses and money gathered are sent to the Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center, where they are sorted to determine which are usable. The eyeglasses are then placed in inventory for distribution to optical missions around the world. Lions help to minimize landfill waste by supporting precious metal reclamation and scrap processing for damaged glasses that are determined unusable.  

Please consider donating to this organization. If you have any glasses that need a new home, drop them off to a Fulda or Hadley Lions Club member, or at an Investors Choice Financial Services office in Slayton or Marshall.

Collected Eyeglasses for Lions

Collected Eyeglasses for Lions

We learned that the Lions do not accept glass cases and are actually discarded, so we donated those to our Slayton neighbor THREE CHURCH for their fundraising rummage sale.

Established in 1995, Investors Choice Financial Services Inc. was founded by Jim and Carla Goedtke to provide individuals and organizations personal financial planning suited specifically to their needs. Their goal is to provide excellent advice and service as individuals’ plan for their financial future.

The Goedtkes have a deep commitment to the communities and the clients that they serve. This includes volunteering for and providing philanthropic opportunities to many organizations and charities in the region. After starting the locally owned business in 1995, they expanded their offices in 2002 to Marshall, MN. Team members of Investors Choice include  Katie Furth, CRES,  Jahul Miya, Zoey Logan and Ndekusia Mariwa. 

Congratulations Katie!

Congratulations Katie!

Congratulations Katie!  Our newest NTSA Certified Retirement Education Specialist (CRES) designee. She completed her training and testing and is now available to teach the Retirement Education programs to plan employees. She completed a certificate program through the American Retirement Association (ARA) Retirement Planning Academy addressing the important retirement planning considerations of public employees. NTSA CRES Advisors have agreed to abide by the highest standards of professional conduct and to coordinate all educational activity in accordance with plan solicitation policies and guidelines.  

March is Food Share Month

March is Food Share Month

It's Food Share month and we hope that all businesses and individuals will take time to either make a donation to their local food shelf of non-perishable foods, or if they are donating funds, to please use the Masonic Lodge’s matching program to double their donation.
Investors Choice Financial Services donated $1,000 to area food shelves through Murray Lodge #199 & Tracy Lodge #155:
• Fulda Food Shelf
• Slayton Food Shelf
• Tracy Food Share
• Marshall Food Share 

<strong>Carla to Serve Concurrent Term to APAC</strong>

Carla to Serve Concurrent Term to APAC

There are ten financial professionals that are appointed from over 800 representatives of American Portfolios Financial Services (APFS) that serve on American Portfolios Advisor Council (APAC).

Members of APAC have direct contact with each of the department heads of APFS to help develop and refine information and services. APAC members vet and act in beta capacity to review new technology, processes and communications prior to it being rolled out to all of their fellow colleagues at APFS.  APAC acts as the voice for affiliated investment professionals of APFS, bringing their ideas and suggestions to the decision-making table of senior management of APFS. APAC members are involved in many important initiatives that help the independent broker/dealer better serve its advisor community so they can thrive in their practices. Carla recently completed her three-year term and was asked to serve another three-year term. During the past term she served as the Communications Sub-Committee Lead and a member of the Client Experience Committee dedicated to improving the client experience while interfacing with technology.

 “APFS has made it part of the corporate culture that ideas of the representatives that are working directly with clients are heard by APFS management,” comments Carla.

 “Serving on APAC is a huge responsibility to not only be a voice for over 2,000 families that we work with here at Investors Choice Financial Services, but also to be a conduit for our peers, their practices, and all of the families that they support.”

American Portfolios:<b> </b><b></b>

<b>Broker-Dealer of the Year</b>

American Portfolios: Broker-Dealer of the Year

American Portfolios Financial Services, Inc. (AP), an independent broker/dealer that serves affiliated financial advisors nationwide, is proud to announce that it has been named Broker-Dealer of the Year in 2020 by Investment Advisor magazine for its sixth consecutive year. Investors Choice Financial Services, Inc., an independent financial planning practice located in Slayton and Marshall, MN, has offered securities as a Registered Representative with AP as their broker/dealer since 2007. 

Established in 1995, Investors Choice Financial Services, Inc. was co-founded by James and Carla Goedtke to provide individuals and organizations personal financial guidance suited specifically to their needs. “We have always believed that having an independent voice for our clients is the best way to meet their needs,” commented Carla. “When Investors Choice was founded, we made the decision to not partner with a “Wall Street” firm as they tend to be more interested in corporate profits. With American Portfolios being an independent broker/dealer, the well-being of our clients is always prioritized.  We have been blessed to be able to work with so many people and many we can truly say are our friends.”

"We are extremely proud to have earned this esteemed recognition six years in a row," states American Portfolios CEO Lon T. Dolber. "2020 has tested us, but due-in large part-to a deeply embedded culture of service excellence, we are fortunate to have been able to rise to the unique challenges this remarkable year has presented. It is this unrelenting insistence to challenge ourselves which ensures our affiliated investment professionals, and their associates have the best financial service systems, tools, products, platforms and processes their disposal so they can better serve an investing public facing their own set of unique challenges."

Having support from AP has allowed the team at Investors Choice to focus on their number one priority – helping clients’ meet their long-term financial objectives.  Building long-term relationships with clients has been fundamental to growing Investors Choice, allowing clients stability they can trust. 

The announcement of AP's Division III 2020 Broker-Dealer of the Year Award was formally made by Investment Advisor magazine. "After tallying votes from over 1,300 independent financial advisors, Investment Advisor is proud to recognize the 2020 Broker-Dealers of the Year, including American Portfolios," said Janet Levaux, editor-in-chief of Investment Advisor and ThinkAdvisor. "The winners have shown-both before and during the pandemic-the many powerful ways they go the extra mile to best support their advisors." Investment Advisor magazine's editorial staff have invited registered representatives of independent broker/dealers (B/Ds) to rate their B/D in 15 distinct categories. The B/Ds that receive the highest average rating from their affiliated professionals are named Broker-Dealers of the Year in four divisions based on their number of producing representatives.

In addition to being named B/D of the Year by Investment Advisor magazine, AP has been named one of the Best Companies to Work for in New York by the New York State Society for Human Resources Management (NYS-SHRM) and the Best Companies Group (BCG) for the fifth consecutive year, coming in at No. 3 for 2020. The firm was also recently named a finalist in three separate categories for the 2020 Industry Awards.


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